Letters from Prison

Hey everyone, hope all is well out there in the real world. I’m doing ok. It is raining here now so I have just been doing some reading. I spoke with my public defender today. He had me sign a time waiver for an additional 30 days. It will be up on September 7th. At that time I will be more than likely going over to the court unless it is postponed again. Next week I should finally be presented with the chance to view the changes against me. Wish me luck… I may need it. I am just praying for the best at this point. Asking for letters of kindness to be sent only on my behalf to my Representation or defense.

Thank you to all who support me in this time of need. Things are steadily getting better here as they have been quick to make the changes necessary. I hope you all have a blessed Day. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. As I do the same for each and everyone of you. Remember anything is possible.

Do not give up hope or faith, for light shall always prevail. Keep up the good work. Everyday I listen to the changes each and everyone of you are helping to make in this world.

One Love! Never give up! There are many People out there who desperately need the help of a kind and loving heart. One person can help save a life. Together we can change the world!



We are Anonymous

We are Legion

We are One

Expect us!




Hope to hear from everyone soon!

P. S. Sorry for miss spellings!



Letters from prison



To whom it may concern

My name is James Edward Robinson. I am writing you today to discuss a very serious matter. I feel my life and the lives of other inmates are in direct danger.

As an inmate here at CCA-Way in Youngstown, Ohio, a private institution used for a temporary holding facility for the Federal government while awaiting court.

We are currently being surrounded by and housed with multiple criminals of extremely violent backgrounds & behaviors such as kidnappers, rapists, murders, and known gang members like the bloods and the crypts. We come into contact with people of this statue on a daily basis. While walking through the hallways of the facility going to and from chow, Not to mention the fact that inmates are allowed to travel from pod to pod with no direct supervision from correction officers, and avoiding Both metal detectors a majority of the time.

One example of this direct violation of our rights is as follows :

Inmate Richard Sperry #76303112 is currently being housed with a known convicted attempted murderer which has recently been released from the state side here at CCA-Way, after completing a 13 year sentence. He is now being held on the federal side in the same pod with people like myself who are here on non-violent crimes.

I personally feel that every minute we are subjected to this type of fear, our lives are in great risk, as I must watch with extreme caution every time I exit my cell or in Richard’s case every time he enters his.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter as I voiced my concerns. I fear for safety of my life and the lives of others.

-With much respect-

James E. Robinson

Richard Sperry

James “Eddie” Robinson In-Person Visit

James Robinson was visited today at the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center by a member of this Defense Committee. His visit started at 10 AM to about 10:40 this morning. He looked a little bit tired and said he was eating all the meals that he could. He stated that he is in contact with one sister.


The defense committee member informed him that it took 20 days to find him and that is why there has not been any contact. He very surprised to see anyone. He was only informed 15 minutes before he was to have the visit. It was a nervous situation for both of them.  He was worried about his puppy Lola. He wondered how she was doing. He wished a member of ours good luck on your wedding day.

James said on a personal note, “I appreciate everything that everyone is doing.  I just want to get this behind me and please come back to visit.”

“You do not know what it was like for those 20 days wondering, weeping, and waging war to just get your location and your number. I will come back to see you – always.” said the Interviewer

As they both parted ways, “Each of them put their hand up to the glass.”




Greetings World,

We are the Free James Defense Committee,

Breaking News on James Robinson, Phoenix four twenty, brought to you by Zero Cool two thousand and ten member of the Defense Committee: Free, James, Robinson.
He has been found. He is currently in custody at the North East Correctional Center in Youngstown, Ohio. His identification number is 65627-060.
This has been the longest 20 days of the Defense Committee: Free, James, Robinson’s, Mission. Our mission is to support James to the ends of the earth. We have been lied to by several correctional centers and given false information. But today at zero eight thirty Zero Cool two thousand and ten called the North East Correctional Center with no problems with confirmation and his Identification number.

There are 3 ways to get in contact with him. You can mail him, you can Video Chat him, and you can visit him.
To Write to James, it must include the inmate’s name and number on the envelope and be addressed to, 2240 Hubbard Road, Youngstown Ohio, 44505

Visiting hours for James, are on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The hours are from eight, A M to Five Thirty, P M

To send funds to James Robinson,

You must visit Jpay

He is not listed in the registry so you have to manually put him his name and number in.

James you are a warrior,
We have not forgotten you,