Letters from Prison


Letters from Prison

Hey everyone, hope all is well out there in the real world. I’m doing ok. It is raining here now so I have just been doing some reading. I spoke with my public defender today. He had me sign a time waiver for an additional 30 days. It will be up on September 7th. At that time I will be more than likely going over to the court unless it is postponed again. Next week I should finally be presented with the chance to view the changes against me. Wish me luck… I may need it. I am just praying for the best at this point. Asking for letters of kindness to be sent only on my behalf to my Representation or defense.

Thank you to all who support me in this time of need. Things are steadily getting better here as they have been quick to make the changes necessary. I hope you all have a blessed Day. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. As I do the same for each and everyone of you. Remember anything is possible.

Do not give up hope or faith, for light shall always prevail. Keep up the good work. Everyday I listen to the changes each and everyone of you are helping to make in this world.

One Love! Never give up! There are many People out there who desperately need the help of a kind and loving heart. One person can help save a life. Together we can change the world!



We are Anonymous

We are Legion

We are One

Expect us!




Hope to hear from everyone soon!

P. S. Sorry for miss spellings!