July 6, 2020

C-19 update Elkt@n

Previous number of infected inmates ten days ago peaked at 1,256. Total number of infected facilities was 70 and total number of inmates deaths was at 92. NINE of which was at Elkton FCI in Lisbon, Ohio. In 10 days the number of inmate infections are up 54% to 1,938. The number of Staff infections are up 33%, the number of infected facilities is now at 84, and the number of inmate deaths from the Covid-19 virus is now peaked to 98 in the FEDERAL BOP. Over all the BOP has Tested only 27,425 inmates, abot 21% of inmate population. About 29% has came back positive.
Most recently, many federal courts have been denieing 2241 motions for violation of the 8th amendment rights, due to the C19 Virus within the prisons. Stating that the Federal Gov. and the BOP has done everything possible to help prevent the spread of covid within the jails and that failure to do so did NOT dilibertly Place inmates in Imminate Danger…

more to come…


July 4, 2020

Hello Friends, How’s things going on your side of the “Fence”, LULZ..
I’m doing good for the most part. I have been fortunate thus far, with the support of my family, and friends like you. Having you all in my corner has made a big difference in my life. I deeply respect all that my Brother’s and Sister’s have done to help me along with my transition within the system. I hope you all are doing good out there during these difficult times. And I hope Everyone is able to take this time to enjoy the Holidays and the opportunity that each and every one of you have to spend close to your families. I know things are crazy right now, But if we all stick together we can make it through this mess. There is nothing, WE cannot accomplish together. Unity, is what matters right now more then anything. Being there for one another in the time of need. Helping your Brother’s and Sister’s, Lending a Hand to those less fortunate. Their are a lot of people in the world hurting and suffering. As we move Forward, Continuing to fight for our Rights, Stand up against Police Brutality, Remember, WE are not each others Enemy. UNITY, EQUALITY, and LOVE is what this world needs.




To our Brothers and sisters around the world, We Thank you, for your undying Love and Courageous Support, as we face these trying times here within the States. We got mad respects for all of you. ONE LOVE! Continue to be Vigilant, We are more than just cattle, WE are a PEOPLE, and we REFUSE to be treated as LESS!!

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