Contacting James “Eddie” Robinson

Send a message sent to James! Submit one here to be sent to him.

You can also mail a letter to James!

James E Robinson
NECC 2240 Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH 44505
Inmate # 65627060

Pod# A-5

Room# 123

(Note: As of 6/10/2019 his room # changed from 109 to 123)

(Note: As of 4/8/2019, his pod & room numbers changed from Pod# A-9 to A-5 & Room 117 to 109)

(Note: As of 3/14/2019, his pod & room numbers changed from Pod# A-7
Room# 106)

(Note: As of 12/21/18, his room # changed from 125 to 106)

If you would like James to write you back, your address must be in the body of the letter.

Thank you ✌️

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